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Struggling with  
 Menopause ?

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Tired of Wasting Time, Energy, & Money on Quick Fixes That Don't Work?

Me too!  It's exhausting to navigate the sea of diet trends, overhyped supplements, and empty promises, only to discover nothing works.

From Surviving to Thriving

I hit a wall with menopause. Told 'no' by doctors, stuck with weight gain, and energy dropping fast. My life and relationships were suffering. It felt like I was losing my spark. I tried every diet, supplement, and potion I could find. Nothing worked. There was no research to turn to. So, I took charge. As a science professor, I did the one thing I do the best - I became the researcher. No more waiting for answers—I went out and found them myself. I put my own money into menopause research, diving deep for solutions that work for us. For all of us! And guess what? I found them.


Now, it's your turn. Let's take this journey together.

 If you've ever felt:

Overwhelmed by menopause symptoms, wishing you had solutions that truly work.

A need for your mind and energy back, to live fully, not just exist.

Frustrated with weight gain and a slowing metabolism, unsure of where to start.

Alone, craving genuine connections and a community that understands.

Defeated in the silence surrounding menopause, wanting a voice.

Exhausted by the lack of information, choices, and options.  

You're not alone...

Menopause challenges us all. But silence isn't the solution. Tired of empty promises and costly "cures"? Let's break the silence together. Ready for real options?. 


Here's What They Don't Want You To Know...

You deserve to... 

✔️ Debunk Menopause Myths

✔️ Curb Weight Gain

✔️ Tackle Hot Flashes

✔️ Combat Loneliness

✔️ Crush Brain Fog

✔️ Boost Declining Confidence

✔️ Confront Fears of Change and Aging

✔️ Understand Hormone Changes
✔️ Manage Mood Swings

✔️ Enhance Sleep Quality
✔️ Improve Mental Focus

✔️ Strengthen Libido

Happy Woman


"90 days ago I thought menopause was the end. I was overwhelmed. I hated my body. But within weeks of starting the program, everything changed. My symptoms are managed, my energy is back. I see myself in a new light."

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"This course didn't just help me navigate menopause; it upended my entire outlook on aging. I wake each day feeling empowered, vibrant, and full of life. This isn't just a program; it's a pathway to rediscovering your inner strength and beauty at any age."

Happy Woman


"This changed everything! It helped me feel strong and brave. Not just with menopause, but it also gave me the confidence to finally start my own business. It's like finding a superhero inside you. Super cool and powerful!"

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Welcome to


Regain Hormonal Harmony


Master Your Metabolism, Ease Symptoms, and Energize Your Life in Just 90 Days!

Scientifically Proven, Guaranteed Results.

Let’s Flourish Together with Proven Menopause Solutions.

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Transform Your Life in 90 Days

With science-backed solutions

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Get Support From Someone Who Has Been There 

And Knows How To Succeed! 

Professor Kay Bloom

Scientist, Researcher, Menopause Advocate

Professor Kay Bloom aims to empower women with science-backed knowledge and practical solutions. Her expertise is rooted in rigorous scientific research and academic credentials. She founded the LifeBloom Institute for Women's Health to transform how women experience menopause, turning a time of challenge into a period of revitalization.

After witnessing her best friend's sudden entry into menopause, she shifted her focus from academia to address the glaring gap in effective menopause management. This journey has led her to develop the LifeBloom Menopause Masterclass and Bloomer Brigade Community that combine the latest scientific findings with practical, everyday strategies.

Join countless other women who are choosing to thrive through menopause, equipped with the best tools science has to offer.

2 Proven Menopause Solutions
Backed By A Decade of Research

Bloomer Brigade

Monthly Membership

  • Monthly Program

  • Weekly Mini-Course to reduce symptoms, balance hormones, & thrive.

  • Weekly Challenges for real-life application and transformation.

  • Weekly Group Zoom for community, support, and accountability.

  • Member Forum to connect with like-minded women.

  • Community & Accountability

Access weekly mini-courses and group meetings for practical menopause support.


90-Day Transformation

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  • Full 90-Day Program 

  • Personalized 1:1 Coaching to accelerate your progress with tailored advice.

  • Guided Curriculum so you navigate menopause confidently.

  • Customized Fitness Schedule to match your lifestyle and health goals.

  • Personalized Meal Plan so you benefit from a nutrition guide tailored to balance your hormones and enhance your energy.

  • Weekly mini-course to reduce symptoms, balance hormones, & thrive.

  • Weekly challenges for real-life application and transformation.

  • Weekly Accountability to keep you on track.

  • Bloomer Brigade Access to enjoy all the benefits of our foundational Bloomer Brigade program.

Gain personalized coaching, fitness, and nutrition plans to manage hormones and health long-term

Reclaim Your Radiance
Transform Menopause into Your Prime

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Feeling run down by energy loss, weight gain, and symptoms of menopause?
Want to be heard and find your tribe?


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Battling Weight Gain & Exhaustion? 

Unlock Your Menopause Reset Course Now!

Discover 3 simple hacks to kickstart your metabolism, balance hormones, and shed pounds. Reclaim your energy and vibrancy.

Only a few left!

STOP Battling Weight Gain & Exhaustion!

You deserve to invest in your own happiness and wellbeing

You matter!

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