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90 Days to Your
 Best Self

Do you long for fewer menopause symptoms,
a rejunenated body, and boundless energy?

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Maybe you... 

❌ Feel anxious about MENOPAUSE

❌ Battle BODY IMAGE issues

❌ Crave genuine CONNECTIONS

❌ Face declining SELF-CONFIDENCE

❌ Dread perimenopause SYMPTOMS

❌ Have FEARS of getting older


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From Surviving to Thriving

I hit a wall with menopause. Told 'no' by doctors, stuck with weight gain, and energy dropping fast. My life and relationships were suffering. It felt like I was losing my spark. I tried every diet, supplement, and potion I could find. Nothing worked. There was no research to turn to. So, I took charge. As a science professor, I did the one thing I do the best - I became the researcher. No more waiting for answers—I went out and found them myself. I put my own money into menopause research, diving deep for solutions that work for us. For all of us! And guess what? I found them.


Now, it's your turn. Let's take this journey together.

Join if you want to... 

✅ Debunk Menopause Myths

✅ Defy Age Stereotypes

✅ Combat Loneliness

✅ Tackle Hot Flashes
✅ Curb Weight Gain
✅ Filter Fake Cures

✅ Crush Brain Fog

✅ Address a Midlife Crisis

✅ Alleviate Ageing Anxiety

✅ Boost Declining Confidence

✅ Challenge Body Image Concerns

✅ Confront Fears of Change and Aging

✅ Understand Hormone Changes
✅ Manage Mood Swings

✅ Enhance Sleep Quality
✅ Improve Mental Focus

✅ Strengthen Libido

✅ Foster Emotional Well-being

✅ Harness Science-Backed Solutions

✅ Embrace Your Vibrant, Evolving Self

✅ Forge Lasting, Meaningful Connections

✅ Discover Renewed Purpose and Passion

✅ Access Evidence-Based Wellness Strategies

✅ Navigate Menopause with Expert Insights

Welcome to




Embrace the power of transformation with LifeBloom - your 90-day journey to a revitalized self, where weight loss and surging energy become your new reality.


Our scientifically-backed program promises not just relief from menopause symptoms like hot flashes and sleepless nights but a celebration of your body, enhancing your love for yourself with every step.

Join the vibrant community of the Bloomer Brigade and discover proven solutions that redefine menopause. Say goodbye to weight struggles and welcome a life brimming with energy and confidence.

Together, let's bloom into our best selves, turning menopause into a journey of empowerment and well-being.

Renee Martinez

"90 days ago I thought menopause was the end. I was overwhelmed. I hated my body. But within weeks of starting the program, everything changed. My symptoms are managed, my energy is back. I see myself in a new light."



Embrace the journey of menopause with a tribe of women who understand, support, and uplift each other. Community membership offers vibrant weekly Zoom meetings, insightful guest speakers, and a supportive forum to share and grow together. (Included with group coaching and private coaching packages) 




Unlock the power of connection in our exclusive online group coaching! Limited to 8 women, gain weekly Zoom discussions, expert guest speakers, and empowering menopause challenges in a thoughtfully curated, intimate setting. Join us for transformative camaraderie.




This exclusive package offers weekly exclusive one-on-one coaching with Dr. Kay Bloom. This program is tailored to meet your unique menopausal needs and midlife aspirations, and is reserved for those genuinely committed to life-altering change. Due to its specialized nature, space at this tier is limited and an application is required for consideration.


Chose Your 90 Day Empowerment Pathway

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